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Mel's Family Photos, the Muskrats
Jacob Muskrat, Full blood Cherokee
Melanie's Great-great-grandfather
Jacob's son, James Ezekial Muskrat and his wife Ida Lenore Kelly Muskrat who Melanie's mother is named after.
Claude Muskrat
Muskrat Family, Christmas 1938.
Jewel Mason, Ruth Muskrat Bronson, John Bronson
(back center) Jean Muskrat, Harvey Robert Muskrat, Harvey ("Toad") Muskrat,
(in front of them) Everett Lee, Thelma Muskrat Lee, James Muskrat, Ida Lenore Muskrat, Claude Muskrat, Elva Muskrat holding Sam Muskrat
(children in front row) Tom Muskrat, Mary Ann Muskrat, Bill Lee, Joe Muskrat, Jim Muskrat, Jake Muskrat.  Ida Louise Muskrat wasn't born yet when this picture was taken.  Claude, her father, died before Elva knew she was even pregnant.
Ruth Muskrat Bronson, Claude's sister
Harvey ("Toad"), Claude and Maude Muskrat
All seven of the Muskrat siblings in April 2002
Sam, Mary Anne, Jim, Ida, Jake, Tom and Joe seated