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Mel's Family Photos, the Fraziers
(Uncle Dr.) Lorenza Lowe Frazier,
Mary Alice Frazier Dunham's grandfather,
Melanie's great-great-great-grandfather
He was a physician and owned the general store/pharmacy in Boaz, MO
Born, 1819, died 1890.

Melanie's father has Lorenza's family Bible that Lorenza bought in 1872 in which he recorded the family births, marriages and deaths.
Lorenza Lowe Frazier's children, 1900
Back row:  Samuel G. Frazier, Elisha E. Frazier (Melanie's great-great-grandfather)
Seated:  Rebecca Frazier Rhodes, Minerva Frazier Maples, Kiziah Frazier Maples
(Minerva and Kiziah married Maples brothers who were both Union soldiers)

E. E. Frazier Family, 1918
Elisha E. Frazier and his wife Margaret Jane Sharp Frazier. Jane Sharp lived on a farm that was in the Civil War Battle of Wilson Creek.  A cannon ball came through the Sharp farmhouse during breakfast at the beginning of the battle!  The Sharps were Confederate sympathizers and in fact owned 3 or 4 slaves.  Jane Sharp Frazier told stories of how the Sharp house became a make-shift hospital for wounded soldiers during the battle.
Elisha Frazier and his daughter, Susan Frazier Holder
Mini-Me photos!
The Frazier Home, 1891 near Boaz, MO
Elisha is on the far left and his wife is 4th from the right