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Milton Ruttenberg
Milton Ruttenberg.  High school graduation picture, 1933?
Mini-Me photos!
Rose Ruttenberg and Milton, 1915
Milt Ruttenberg
Milt Ruttenberg, junior year at Sandusky High, OH, 1932
The Blue Streaks.  Milt is second from right, front row.  The African-american player is London Gant, who Papa tutored to keep him eligible.  London broke state records in track and other sports and went on to run the Cincinatti YMCA.
Milton Ruttenberg.  At one of his first wrecking jobs just out of high school in California
Milt and his father, Leroy
Milt's parents, Rose and Leroy Ruttenberg
Rose and Leroy Ruttenberg at their 50th wedding anniversary